Google SEO & SEA for HR. Improve your ranking.

Applying SEO and  SEA strategies to your recruitment process will help you getting a better Google ranking.

Companies that start today with SEO friendly recruitment strategies will be one step ahead of companies without it. SEO will help your company generate more, relevant traffic and attract better matching candidates on your career website. The earlier you start with SEO, the better as SEO is a long-term strategy that will only show stable results after a couple of weeks, or months and only if used constantly.


Brand Strategy. Stand Out From The Crowd.

Our Brand Awareness strategies combine online and offline activities, going from on-site presence at target universities to Social Media presence in relevant Networks.

Together we will create an authentic and powerful employee value proposition (EVP) to attract and retain the best talents in the greater region and Europe.

Where possible we will install and use KPI’s and related metrics in order to measure the success of your strategies and adjust where necessary.


Passive Candidates Attraction. Let them find you.

We help you find the right way to “sell” your job opportunities to these candidates and chose the appropriate communication channels.

We will help you to meet passive candidates online by leveraging a variety of Social Media platforms. We will use artificial intelligence software to detect passive candidates and set up, roll-out or make the best use of your Employee Referral Program.

Whatever it takes to approach passive candidates, we will guide you through a tailor made process taking into account the profile(s) you are looking for.


Active Sourcing & Cross Border Recruitment.

Let’s define your core universities and promising recruitment regions in Europe and set the right strategy to attract candidates from outside the greater Region.

All of our consultants have lived, studied or worked in at least two European countries so that we know how to attract candidates from outside the greater region.

We experienced how Luxembourg needs to be “sold” to candidates not even knowing about Luxembourg, it’s location and advantages.

You can also give us a mandate for your recruitment positions.


Reach Thousands Of Candidates

Enlarge your visibility. Get more and better applicants. Speed up your recruitment process.


Customer & Candidates Approach

You want to increase your sales, generate more leads and at the same time receive more valuable applications?

We work together with CreativeMindz, a Full-Service Social Media Marketing Agency. Together we will help you to attract more customers and more candidates – at the same time. With a combined “customer & candidate” approach. Want to know more?

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