ue to an increasing demand, we are no longer focusing only on our well positioned job board but as from now on also offering Recruitment related services.

We are focusing on Digital Recruitment Tools combining SEO and SEA methods.

We could already help several clients in:

Boosting the visibility of their (Employer) Brand

Receiving more suitable candidates

Reducing the overall recruitment costs

So, what are the services we are specialized in?

  • Social Media Brand Strategy

  • Google SEO & SEA for HR

  • Passive Candidates Attraction

  • Active Sourcing & Cross Border Recruitment

Social Media Brand Strategy

We help you to create an authentic and powerful employee value proposition (EVP) to attract and retain the best talents in the greater region and Europe. We enlarge your fan & follower base in order to increase your visibility on the market.

Google SEO & SEA for HR

Nearly all product-selling companies are using SEO & SEA in order to get a better Google ranking and increase their sales. Companies can take advantage of this and apply SEO & SEA strategies to their recruitment process.

Passive Candidates Attraction

Passive candidates make up around 70% of the global workforce. We help you to find the right way to “sell” your job opportunities to these candidates and chose the appropriate communication channels.

Active Sourcing & Cross Border Recruitment

Together we define and set up European Employer Branding campaigns & Using “google for jobs” in countries such as Germany, France and Belgium. We also take over recruitment activities for you.

We already helped several companies in setting up the right recruitment tools with the help of Google and Social Media.

You want to try it out as well?

Let’s figure out, how we can help you in achieving your recruitment goals.

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