One of our clients, a large Management Company with 80 Billion € Assets under Management asked as to promote one of their vacancies by applying SEA methods (Search Engine Advertisement).

SEA is also known as Search Engine Advertisement which are the upper links on search engines with the prefix “ad” and as such the paid results. Let’s take Google AdWords as an example: Essentially, AdWords it Google’s advertising platform, through which businesses can place ads (also called “sponsored posts”).

For appropriate search queries (Keywords), Google will display a result from your company at the top of the page.

Google Ads will help you receiving more suitable candidates and also reaching out to the so called passive candidates.

What was the result (during the Google AdWords project)?

  • + 2.000 unique visitors within 2 weeks

  • Google AdWords doubled the amount of applicants

  • Time-to-Hire reduced by approx. 20%

As an outcome the company decided to apply SEA to some dedicated positions in order to speed up the recruitment process.

What was the process to get there?

The company decided which position to promote and we as an agency rolled out the SEA strategy:

Google AdWords from A to Z

  1. Install a company account​
  2. Set-up Google AdWords​
  3. Choose a set of Keywords
  4. Construct the ad ​
  5. Define the target audience​
  6. Start the campaign​
  7. Daily follow up + measure KPI’s ​

Sounds like an expensive tool, right?

In fact, 75% of all job searches start with Google, so Google is the most effective tool to use for your job advertisement.

And above all, it’s much cheaper and way more effective than any general job board could ever be.

You want to try it out?

Let’s figure out, how Google AdWords can help you in achieving your recruitment goals.

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