o, What is technically necessary for your recruitment SEO?

1. Install “search-engine-friendly” and readable URL structures

2. Build unique content on every page that sells your company and it’s values

3. Have an organized page structure and landing page

4. Create a site map which can easily be crawled by search engines

5. Use SEO-friendly meta titles and descriptions

6. Provide a mobile, tablet friendly, and optimized website (and career page)

7. Always cross-link landing pages to enable easy navigation

Using an ATS – what’s important?

Many career pages are built with an ATS software (Applicant Tracking System). Unfortunately most ATS based career pages are built up for a smooth recruitment process but are not necessarily SEO friendly. It’s really important that search engines can crawl the job descriptions on the career page and that the career page and the application process are mobile responsive. A high Google ranking also depends on the page load speed. Otherwise the website will not be found by the search engines.

Diversity is crucial

An increasing number of candidates uses specialised job boards starting with keyword search on Google (remember: 75% of job searches starts with Google).

Therefore companies should put themselves in the shoes of their candidates and follow the same procedure:

1. Define the keywords and the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page/Position), and see which specialised job boards are listed for specific job search keywords on the first 2 pages of the Google results.

If companies are for example recruiting within the banking, funds, accounting or generally the finance sector, they should type in as keywords:

“Finance jobs Luxembourg”, “Accounting jobs Luxembourg”, “Depositary jobs Luxembourg”, “Fund administration jobs Luxembourg”, “jobsearch lu”, “jobs lu”, “gaap jobs Luxembourg” or any other keyword which might also be used by the specific target group.

2. Now companies need to make up a top 3 list of all specialised job boards in their region.

3. Job advertisements should be placed on all free classified sites. (Indeed is free, although it is not a specialised job board).

4. If budget permits, companies should post the job on one general and one specialised job board because the more the job advertisement is present on the web, the better the company will be ranked on Google. And as we learned, a Google ranking is key to a successful recruitment strategy.

Learn From Google Analytics

SEO is well-known and often used in social marketing. Nearly all product-selling companies are using SEO in order to get a better Google ranking and increase their sales. Companies can take advantage of this and apply SEO strategies to their recruitment process. HR executives should therefore leverage existing social media knowledge or solicit support and apply SEO strategies to their recruitment process. Companies that start today with SEO friendly recruitment strategies will be one step ahead of companies without it.

SEO and Google Analytics can also boost your Recruitment process

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