Sharing my Knowledge on Candidate Experience during the “Mittelrhein-Mosel Intensivpflegetag” in Trier.

Last year I was invited by the “Hospital of the Brothers of Mercy Trier” in order to give a presentation about Employer Branding and the “Candidate Experience”. (It was in between a lockdown phase and all hygiene rules were respected)

It was a challenging and enriching experience to discuss this hot topic with more than 60 participants.

Outcome of the discussion following my presentation: Hospitals and big companies can have similar Employer Branding strategies while the implementation of these strategies can significantly differ.

If you are also interested in this topic, I invite you to have a look at my article about Candidate Experience and how to use SEO and SEA.

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The role of Google and Social Media

The more the job advertisement is present on the web, the better the company will be ranked on Google. And obviously, a high Google ranking is key to a successful recruitment strategy.

This is already part of SEO!

Job Boards – free & dedicated ones

An increasing number of candidates uses specialised job boards starting with keyword search on Google (remember: 75% of job searches starts with Google).

Try to use free job boards such as indeed or alike and combine it with the use of specialized job boards as your candidates will do the same.

Social Media plays a crucial role in every recruitment process. Linkedin, Xing & Facebook offer the right platforms to distribute the job ads, depending on the profiles & candidates.

  • Understand how Google works
  • Use many different job boards
  • Post your vacancies on Social Media