e are a young Luxemburgish start up.

Beside the fact that, being a start up, we try to have more traffic on our website, and persuade more customers and candidates to use our services and our connected job board www.financejobs.lu we decided to set some other, non-profit oriented goals.

Our goals:

-How can we reduce our ecological footprints??

-How can we contribute to the development of our society??

-How can we share our knowledge and help others to develop themselves??‍?

    We already have some general ideas which now need to be finetuned and we are fully aware that we will start with some little steps but without setting these goals, we would never start.

    Why are we doing this? We believe that on one hand we are somehow privileged to being able to live in such stable conditions which enable us to create a company and as such we want to contribute to maintaining and further developing this environment. On the other hand, we truly believe that thinking outside the (business) box creates new ideas which can be in return also beneficial for our business.

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    What do you think about this approach? Please share your thoughts in the comments on our linkedin account, follow this link CSR.

    We will step by step work on our goals and keep you updated. Promised!?

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    Pascal & the talentmindz team

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